Fibercare & Service will help you take the worry out of caring for your fine furnishings.  We offer a complete line of detailed services to clean, protect, repair, and maintain your carpets and fabrics.  We provide service plans for residential and commercial accounts. Fibercare & Service appreciates the valuable investment you’ve made to your interior environment.  We are staffed with service conscious individuals dedicated to providing you with excellence in products and service.  Our technicians have been trained in the latest advances and techniques in the fabric care industry.  It is our aim to assist you in safeguarding and preserving your furnishings, so you can relax and enjoy them. Fibercare & Service provides personalized service designed to meet your individual needs and demands.  All of our clients are treated with the same professional care and attention by our staff of specialists.  Your concerns are important to us.  We strive to bring you the best in quality and superior performance based upon our many years of experience. Fibercare & Service can assist you in maintaining and extending the life of all your carpets, and fabrics including: silks, velvets, suede’s, Haitians, Berbers, dhurries, leather, as well as hand-painted canvases.  Fibercare wants you to know what to expect from our services.  That is why we offer a free consultation to evaluate your needs as well as to answer any questions you might have.  After the initial consultation, a treatment appointment will then be scheduled and one of highly trained technicians will apply the treatment that you have chosen. 

What to expect

Fibercare strives to develop an on-going relationship with our clients.  This begins with the initial call and is then followed by your free on-site consultation.  We stay with you throughout your treatment service period which can range anywhere from 12-18 months.   We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding the proper care of your newly treated fabrics and carpets. Once the initial treatment and protection have been applied we will then provide you with a general cleaner and a neutralizing rinse to upkeep your furnishings.  Before leaving, we will properly demonstrate their proper use and leave you with a complete set of instructions should any questions arise after we leave.  If you were to require any special assistance with stubborn stains Fibercare will come out and assist you at no additional cost.  Through routine maintenance and proper care, you can retain the fresh, new appearance of recent additions to your home or office.  Not to mention, providing effective protection against stains and vastly reducing everyday soiling of your more cherished possessions.  Our process simplifies stain removal and cleaning without altering the color or texture of your fabrics or carpets.  It can extend the life of your valuable interior investments.
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